About Us



Antique was built on the backs of local talent and slavery. A handful of the communities finest volunteered their time and tears to design and build a skate shop that would use its capital and status to give as much as possible back to skateboarding  while providing an unforgettable coffee lounging experience. In our first active year we’ve managed to bring the community together through various projects to lobby the bureaucrats for skate parks, put skateboards in the hands of those who can’t afford it and have used events, parties and projects to promote the positive, fun and expressive side of skateboarding. The shop’s service and lurking experience is an ongoing work in progress and I’m sure the future holds many fruitful years for skateboarding in Ottawa. Stoke the kids!

Come get ripped on coffee and skate!

-Cpt Tom


A VERY special thanks to:Chris Skellzo, Julian Garner, Captain Tom, Aaron Cayer, Kyle Robertson, Charlie Bowins, Chris Murray, Ben Duncan, Allan and Karen Cayer, Claire Farley, Bonita Varga, Mimi Galipeau, Meagan Isaacs, Nina Marchewka, Andrew Szeto , Dave Seal, Jeff Landry, Drew Bernard, Eric Bermel, Ryan Smeeton, Kevin Stark, Party Pete, Adam Polski, Ed Law,Satin and even Mark Dhillon.

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