Meanwhile in Ottawa…

The boys are off for round 2 of trip to hell which is gonna be like this… but in Connecticut

Meanwhile my life is, as always, this:

In other news, I spent an hour yesterday writing a classic video review on Flip’s 2002 gem “Sorry”, but somehow managed to lose the draft. In Summary, it’s an awesome video that has had a big impact on me and I’m sure a whole lot of others. The tricks, soundtrack and of course editing were all top notch…certainly worth another gander if you have the time:

Check out this “15 Things You Didn’t Know About Sorry” article also for a good laugh.

“3. The reason Ali’s dog, Sid, is puking at the beginning of his part, is it accidentally ate Ali’s piece of hash. Ali found it in the vomit. It is unknown if Ali smoked it later, but an inside source said that he was pretty stoked that it was recovered.”

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